3 Beauty Essentials For Winter

As the weather gets colder and colder and our skin gets drier and drier, it’s now time to bring out the necessary weapons for survival. Hydration is necessary during the colder months since the cold dry air wreaks havoc on our skin. Hear are some beauty essentials for winter that will surely make your skin ever so grateful.


1. Put On The Mask

Masks provide your skin with necessary nutrients that will keep it healthy. It is also packed with moisturizers that keep it hydrated. Try to use them at least once a week because they help unclog your pores and helps remove unnecessary gunk from your face. In the winter time, try to stay away from drying clay masks because you wouldn’t want to make your skin drier than it already is. Try to look for face masks that are hydrating.

2. Shed The Skin Cells

It is always important to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Removing the dead skin cells from your skin increases the absorption of nutrients. It also makes your skin look fresh and vibrant.

3. Pack on The Moisturizer

When the weather gets cold and dry, it is always a must to use tons of moisturizer. Apply a liberal amount of moisturizer on your face. Remember that dry skin increases the chance of one having the signs of aging at an earlier rate. It is best to keep your skin soft and moisturized, not only for those who have dry skin, but also for those who have oily skin. Don’t forget to apply a liberal amount of lip balm on your pucker because it also gets easily chapped during the cold weather.

These three basic essentials for winter will definitely help keep your skin in tip top shape. What about you? What are your basic essentials for winter? Go ahead and comment below!

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