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How To Hide Your Age Spots

There are so many factors that contribute to premature aging. How many times have we felt so mortified when strangers would often think that we’re older than our actual ages? While other people may feel so flattered when somebody tells them that they look younger. Age spots are one of the telltale signs of aging. If you suddenly see these spots on your face, don’t fret. There are some ways that you can do to hide them.


Choose The Right Product

There are tons of anti aging products being sold in the market. Choosing the right one can be a little confusing. Get something that has ingredients that can speed up cell turnover. This will allow new cells to replace the old one, which will eventually help in diminishing age spots.

Retinoic acid, which is a form of vitamin A, is a great product to use in getting rid of fine lines and dark spots. This ingredient is most often used and abused by users and it can sometimes have side effects. Retinol is a milder version of this one so try to look for products that have this ingredient. If you are a little hesitant to use it, you can always ask your doctor for any concerns that you may have.


Getting rid of dead skin cells give way to newer, vibrant cells. This also helps in lightening your complexion. Exfoliation is important because some on the spot treatments can make your face look uneven. Try to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. If you want a better effect on the skin, try to have exfoliating treatments at a spa/clinic such as diamond peel. Visit a trusted professional so that you will be able to get good results all the time.

Quit Those Bad Habits

Maintaining your skin is very important even after the age spots are gone. Always protect your skin whenever you go out in the sun. Keep a good skin care routine so that it will continually get its nutrients. If you really want to have great skin, don’t ever succumb to bad habits.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

There are a lot of factors that contribute to aging and sun exposure is a big offender. If you expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun without protection, it can easily break down your cell structure and cause premature wrinkles. Use a good broad spectrum high SPF sunscreen and remember to always bring an umbrella with you wherever you go. Also, try to eat healthy and fresh foods. Loading up on these foods will not only help strengthen the immune system, it will also nourish your skin from within.

If you have seen the beginnings of an age spot, try not to panic. Take a deep breath and look for great products that will help protect your skin and make it more youthful. How about you guys? Do you have other methods that can help get rid of age spots? Share your tips with us on our Facebook or on our Twitter.


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