Top 5 Beauty Trends That Should Never Come Back

Trends definitely do come and go. There are classic and simple looks that never goes out of style. However, there are certain beauty trends that were really popular during that time, but are now deemed tacky and unfashionable. We may have a few what-was-I-thinking photos in our albums that are considered as evidence of our foolishness. With that being said, here are some cringe-worthy beauty trends that should never, ever come back.


1. Super Long Nails

Long nails make your fingers look longer, but nails whose length seems to claw its way at your back are another story. If your long nails prevent you from doing even the most typical of tasks, then it’s better to cut them a little shorter. Not only is it a turn off for men, it will also be a breeding ground for dirt, grime and other icky stuff.

2. Scary Looking Contacts

Some people, just love to stand out from the crowd. They even go to the point where they use those scary looking contact lenses just so they could get your attention. While this trend may be good during Halloween, doing this during the other days of the year isn’t.

3. Trouty Mouth Injections

Yes, Angelina Jolie’s pouty lips look so luscious that many of us would wish to have the same pucker as hers. However, some people just take it to the next level by injecting their mouths to make them look bigger. I can tell you one thing, they look worse than the lips of a fish. Embracing your natural beauty is always in. If you want to make your lips appear fuller, there are lip products that you can use to temporarily make them fuller.

4. Visible Lip Liner

Visible lip liner is one of the most tacky beauty trends ever. It is never attractive to see somebody with a darker looking lip liner. Always choose a lip liner that will blend with your lipstick fairly well. You can also try nude colored lip liners since they can blend into your lipstick without any hassle.

5. Ice Queen Lips

Frosty, white lips are fit for Halloween or any Broadway production that requires one to look like an Ice Queen. As a whole, it is just not nice to wear this out on ordinary days.

As years come and go, there will be a lot of hit and miss beauty trends that will get really popular. One thing’s for sure though, these beauty trends should never see the light of day.


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