Beauty Thursdays: My Diet Plan

“Oh my you look a little fat~!” – those words can tear your heart apart. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. It’s hard to admit it but you can sometimes feel a little bad when someone tells you that you have gained a little weight. You can blame it on your midnight cravings or your sweet tooth, but you’ll never erase the fact that you’ve definitely consumed waaay more calories than what your body needs.

Eating healthy is essential. There are a lot of yummy, scrumptious food so that’s why you gotta eat everything in moderation. The same thing goes for people who don’t eat. Not eating anything is just as bad as overeating. Anyway… I’m here to talk about my diet  plan and how I’m going to choose to eat healthy and try to gain self-control on my cravings.


1. Goodbye Sugary Drinks and Fizzies! *Insert super sad face*

There’s something about carbonated drinks that makes you crave for it while you’re eating. It gives a satisfying burp at the end of the meal. I used to drink sodas like nobody’s business. Heck, I even drank more of it than water and yes, I ended up gaining more pounds than I should. Now, I choose to be careful with the things I drink. I make it a habit to drink lots and lots of water everyday. It was a difficult habit for me to break but thank goodness I was able to do it. I only drink carbonated drinks on special occasions.

2. Choosing Healthier Cooking Techniques

Fried food – who can say no to that?  I love anything fried but it’s not the healthiest cooking technique. I now try to look for foods that aren’t fried. Ones that are baked, steamed, stewed, broiled, grilled – these cooking methods will bring a lot of flavor without packing extra calories.

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3. The Wonders of Juicing

One of the best things that have helped me with my cravings is by drinking green juice and other yummy healthy smoothies. They are packed with all sorts of good stuff. I like to drink a glass of green juice in the morning and its just enough to fill me up until lunch. I also drink smoothies during snack time. If you guys want to know what I put in my green juice, here it is: kale, spinach, avocados, apples, freshly squeezed orange juice and any berries in season. If I wanted to sweeten it, I would put a little dash of honey.

4. Fruit For Snacks

Yes, I totally go for fresh fruit now whenever I’m craving something sweet for snacks. Usually I’d just eat cookies or chocolates or any sugary sweet stuff. It makes me feel good knowing that there are a lot of nutrients that you can get from eating fresh fruit. I currently love munching on pineapples and melons. Yum!

Those are the things that I’ve currently been doing as I’m starting to clean up my diet. I hope that it will be better in the long run because I know I’m not getting any younger, so being healthier is always better! If you feed your body with all sorts of nutritious stuff, it will really make your skin glow!

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