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Awesome Swimwear Trends For 2012

The weather is getting hotter and most of us are going to head out to the beach and enjoy the sunshine. Wearing a really cute swimsuit will definitely seal the deal. This year’s swimwear trends is all about bringing back retro styles with a modern twist. Bright colors and different textures as well as whimsical patterns will make your beachwear oh-so fantastically chic.


High Waist Bottoms

This trend became really popular during the 50’s and the 60’s. It’s now back in full force through its sexier, modernized version.  High Waist Bottoms go well with ladies who would want to keep their love handles hidden from view. If you love retro styles, go for whimsical patterns.

Exotic Prints

Printed bikinis have always been popular, but these days tropical patterns are one of the most sought-after styles this summer. Think about Hawaii or even the Caribbean. This trend will have you singing “Aloha”.


Give some oomph to your style with metallic colors. Golds, champagne and even ones that have a duo chrome effect makes for very interesting swimwear.

Unique Cutouts

Maillots and other one piece swimsuits give such sexy vibe. This year, they come in different patterns that are so interesting, it woould be such a shame if you aren’t able to wear one. Choose bright colored ones that will surely make you such a beautiful standout.

This season’s swimwear trends will being about a very whimsical edge to your style. How about you? What do you think about this year’s swimwear trends? Give us your opinion through Twitter or you can leave comments on our Facebook Page.




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