Fashion Mondays: Summer Lookbooks

Hey there!!! We’re now halfway through the summer season and I do hope that you guys have enjoyed every minute of it! As for me, I’m still enjoying the benefits of summer fashion. I’m verrry obsessed! hahaha… How about you guys?


Yes, it’s summer lookbooks time!!! I found these really inspiring outfit ideas that will make for a really fantastically stylish summer!

1. Mommies Are Fashionable Too!

One of the reasons why I love watching Carah Amelie’s videos is because she is such a down to earth kind of girl. She’s honest and she also has a style of her own. I really like the variety of clothes that she styles. It’s simple but with the right kind of accessories, you will definitely stand out! Who says that mommies don’t have a sense of style? I beg to disagree!


2. Who Knew You Were Wearing Something That Was Thrifted?

Not all of us can afford pricey brand-name clothes. If you’re a student or just on a verrry verrrry tight budget, it can be really frustrating to see gorgeous clothes on display and not being able to buy anything. Thrifting is one of the best things to do when you go shopping for clothes. If you have a knack for fashion, you can buy something at a fraction of the cost. You can even alter it to make it your own. Here’s a lookbook that will hopefully give you inspiration!


3. Summer Basics!

Of course, this Fashion Mondays post wouldn’t be complete without a dose of my favorite fashion guru. Here are some basic summer essentials that you should most definitely rock out! ^^


I really do hope that you are able to enjoy these summer lookbooks! What are your favorite summer picks? Share them with us in the comments section below!


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