How To Transition Your Clothes From Winter to Spring

It’s finally that time of year where we get rid of all of the darker hues of winter and change to something bright and colorful. Switching your wardrobe from winter to spring isn’t all that difficult. It just needs a little bit of creativity to keep everything bright and bubbly.


1. Light Layers

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, thick layers of jackets and scarves can now be kept at the back of your closet. If the days seemed a little too chilly, you can layer on pieces that are not as thick as the ones worn during winter. For example, you can pair your favorite jeans with a sheer top layered with a vest and then a light jacket. Remember to choose brighter colors. Pair it with your favorite pair of shoes and you’re all set.

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2. Bright Colors

Choose bright and fun colors instead of darker ones. For example, if you have a garment with floral designs, choose the brighter colors from the print. Use these colors when you are searching for solid colored pieces. Pair them together and make everything dainty and girly by using complimenting accessories and your comfy pair of sandals. Spring is all about having fun in the sun, and what better way to celebrate this season than wearing fun colors.

Bright Colored Pants, Zara Colored Pants, Color Blocking

3. Love Your Prints

Florals, stripes and all other whimsical patterns display a fun, spring atmosphere. If you feel a bit hesitant to mix prints, you can do it by pairing a loud print with a subtle one. For example, you can pair a skirt with tiny polkadots with a top that has significant stripes. Remember that if you want to play with your prints, make sure that you also match it with a neutral piece to pull the look together.

Patterns, Print Patterns, Fashion Prints

4. Dainty Accessories

Bring spring into high gear by wearing accessories that will complement your look. Choose ones that have candy colors if you want to spice up a boring, solid colored outfit. Depending on your style, accessories can definitely help you transition from the cold winter to the warm invitation of spring.

Accessories, Bright Colored Accessories, Earrings

5. Let Your Hair Down

This season is all about letting your hair down and enjoy everything that it has to offer. Keep your hair beautiful by having a good hair care routine. Try to keep your hair in sexy waves for a more effortless feel.

Spring is surely a season that everyone practically looks forward to. Try to incorporate bright colors into your closet and enjoy the fun and flirty side of the season.

Wavy Hair, Spring Hair


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