7 Great Ways To Repair Split Ends Naturally

Along with a vast majority of people, I do suffer from split ends. I have really fine, long, straight hair that I have subjected to a lot of harsh elements. And so, I ended up with dry, limp, lifeless hair (sigh). I really don’t like to cut off my long hair, and so while desperately searching for ways to repair my already damaged hair, I came across really effective techniques that were such a lifesaver that I couldn’t bear to not share this with you! 😉


1. Deep Condition Your Hair

I never knew that using shampoos everyday could eventually dry out your hair, but clueless girl that I am, I did it for quite a long time. I never conditioned my hair, and yes…I eventually had super dry, split ended hair. Deep conditioning is very important because it provides a protective layer to your hair shaft, which thus makes your hair appear shiny and manageable. Make it a habit to condition your hair (especially to those (myself included) who can’t stand not washing their hair everyday) each day.

2. Air Dry Your Hair

Blow drying your hair using a blow dryer in a really high temperature setting can dry your hair easily and thus causes your ends to split. If you really want to blow dry your hair, try to set it at a lower temperature and don’t hold the dryer really close to the hair.

3. Olive Oil is Your Best Friend

A few articles ago, I have mentioned the beauty benefits of olive oil, especially on the hair. Giving yourself an olive oil massage stimulates your scalp which then allows it to produce natural oils. Olive oil also nourishes your hair shaft too. It’s an organic non-sticky product that is a great solution for your dry hair. You can also substitute olive oil with coconut or sesame oil.

4. Avoid Combing Your Hair While It is Wet

The structure of the hair is different when it is dry. And so, if you keep on brushing your hair while it is wet, the hair tends to break.

5. Avoid harsh chemical treatments on your hair

What makes hair so brittle is when you subject it to a lot of chemical treatments such as hair dyes, straightening or perming chemical treatments. Doing this frequently damages your hair structure which makes it weak and brittle. If you are planning to chemically treat your hair for whatever purposes, try to condition your hair first so that it will be strong enough to withstand the harsh chemicals.

6. Hair Thickeners

Hair Thickeners that are found in some shampoos and conditioners contain waxes that adhere to your hair which thereby increases its diameter and makes it strong.

7. Last Resort: Go For the Trim

Okay, so this last step is purely optional and is done when the damage can no longer be repaired. Trimming the hair will obviously reduce the split ends. You may feel sad to say goodbye to your long hair but try to think that hair will always grow. And so, to avoid having your hair cut, follow these steps and you will never go wrong.


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