Hair Care Basics: How To Take Care Of Color Treated Hair

One of the most common ways of changing one’s appearance is through hair color. Blonde, red, black and even blue, colored hair can definitely change the way you look. However, there are some things that you would need to consider since your hair is subjected to certain chemicals that can cause them to break easily. Here are some ways that can help you take care of your color treated hair.


1. Allow Hair To Dry Naturally

Hair is subjected to chemicals during the coloring process, which is why it’s more vulnerable when it’s exposed to direct heat such as blow driers and other hot tools. If blow-drying is your usual routine, try to place it at a lower setting so that your hair will not be damaged.


2. Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep conditioners contain a lot of moisturizing properties that help in keeping your hair strong. It will also prevent hair breakage and split ends. Choose one that is used specifically for color treated hair.

3. Trim The Ends Of Your Hair At Least Once A Month

Trimming the ends of your hair helps in preventing the occurrence of split ends. The tips of your hair are usually the most vulnerable part of your hair because it has the most exposure to harsh elements.

4. Protect Your Hair While In The Pool

To prevent your newly colored hair from getting that horrid green tinge, put on a swimming cap in order to protect your hair from exposure to chlorine. Wet your hair first before getting in the pool so that the chlorine won’t get absorbed that much into your hair. It is also important to wash your hair right after swimming.

5. Use Shampoos For Color Treated Hair

These kind of shampoos have properties that cater to color treated hair. It will give your tresses that much needed nutrients and moisturizing properties. Remember to use shampoos at least every other day since it has the possibility of drying out your hair.

Coloring your hair can be such a fun thing to do. However, it is also essential that your tresses get that much needed tender love and care. These tips will definitely keep your vibrantly colored hair beautiful and full of life.


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