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Hairy Tuesdays: DIY No Heat Curling Methods

I was born with super straight hair and there are times when I would feel so jealous of girls who have such romantic waves that I want mine to look just like theirs. I’d use straighteners and curling irons that gave such amazing curls but because I use them quite often, my hair became weak and brittle and prone to split ends. It is definitely not a sight to behold. Pfft….

So I now made the effort to avoid using these heat tools. Unless it is for some important event, I won’t ever look at a straightener or a curling iron.. like ever. So I’ve been looking for different curling methods that don’t use heat and I’m amazed at how you can use different materials to achieve it. I’ve been enjoying these techniques that it’s now my turn to share them with you!


Get it All Twisty For Shorter Hair

I’m still in the process of growing my hair longer so it’s kinda frustrating for me to see different hairstyles that I really cannot do considering the length of my hair. *cries in a corner* I also find it a bit awkward to curl my hair in this length because I feel that it really doesn’t look good on me.

I found this tutorial by accident and I fell in love with the technique. I feel like it’s a two in one kind of hairstyle because you get to have a really chic braided ‘do and then when you unravel it you get to have beachy waves that is perfect for the summer time. With a lot of practice, you can surely do this hairstyle without any trouble!



No Heat Curls Using Magazine Rolls

If you are looking for ways to recycle your old magazines, then this is for you! I really like this Youtube channel because I always see a lot of unique hair curling ideas that doesn’t involve heat. I know that this method may be a little time consuming but it’s worth it. I’d rather be patient with this than having to succumb my hair to constant heat that will cause it to become weak and brittle. I want my hair to be healthy and shiny all the time! :)



No Heat Curling Method using Dish Sponges!

I found this tutorial very entertaining because you get to curl your hair using dish sponges! I really like big curls, so this really got me so excited! I can’t wait to make my hair grow longer so that I can try it out! Making these sponges also sounds like fun so I’m going to make some of these soon and then try this on my friend’s hair!



These hair tutorials are quite unique! I’m going to keep a look out for more methods so that I can get to share them with you! If you have other tips and suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or you can also reach us through our Facebook Page!



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