Different Ways To Tone Your Body

Losing weight is one thing, but getting a body that is well toned is another. In order for us to have smokin’ hot bods, we need to do exercises. What’s the use of shedding those extra pounds if your body feels like jelly? There are a lot of activities that you can do so that you will be able to enjoy them while working out. 


Push Ups

You may love it or hate it but push ups use most of the muscles in your body and it gives you such a good workout every time. I personally hate doing these because I can’t even carry myself while doing so. If you want to do the push ups but find it difficult to lift your body, try to kneel and fold your lower legs. Do the same routine as you would with normal push ups, except that you are now getting more support with this modified version. If your body has finally adjusted, you can try doing the regular one.

Jumping Ropes

I used to enjoy doing these when I was a kid. A neighbor and I would take turns and see which one does the most number of reps without stopping. This activity will really break up a sweat. This will help tone your abs, your legs and your chest. Most people think of this as work, but I’ve always thought of it as a fun activity. Try to start with 30-50 repetitions and then gradually increase the number according to your tolerance level.

different ways to tone your bodyKickboxing

Taebo and kickboxing were really popular back in the day. It helps in keeping your muscles toned, it burns calories and it also helps you learn a thing pr two about self defense! This may be a little bit challenging to do at first but it is worth it. This activity has also helped increase my flexibility and it also releases any pent up energy  that was accumulated during a stressful day at work. Try out this exercise and you will surely see the difference!


Next to push ups, crunches are also one of my most dreaded forms of exercise. I may resent it but I would usually suck it up because its the best exercise to do if you want to achieve flat, toned abs. The first try is always a pain in the butt. It doesn’t hurt for a few moments, and then you would eventually feel your stomach muscles react. Make sure that you are in proper position whenever you are doing this. One tip is to look at the ceiling while you are doing your crunches.

Riding the Bicycle

I felt so much pride when i finally learned to ride a bicycle. I’ve always considered it as one of my favorite hobbies when I was young because I love going around the neighborhood. If you want to give your legs some good old workout then this would be it!

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