All About Waterproof Makeup

The summer season definitely lets you bring out all of your summer dresses, bikinis and beach balls. Going to the beach or the pool is just one way to help beat the heat of the sun. However, since it’s summer time, your make up should last long even if the weather is hot and humid. There are many makeup products that you can use to help make your make up last longer even when you’re sweating profusely or just bumming around the pool.

Some people are a bit hesitant to use waterproof makeup because the oily substance might clog the pores which will then result in breakouts. However, many companies invest in research and state of the art technology in order to create products that will not only cater to certain skin types, they can also be removed easily. SPF is almost always present in every product so it’s rest assured that your skin will be well protected all throughout the day.

Cream based products contain some kind of wax in them so that your makeup can stay on your face even if you are in the swimming pool. A simple way to test your products out is to get a good swatch on your hand, and then submerge it under lukewarm water for 5 minutes and then try to see if the product washes away. If it stays on then the product is considered water resistant. Make up products don’t have to be high end. Drugstore products are just as good.

Applying waterproof makeup is just the same as doing your normal every day look. The only difference is that the products are all cream based. If you have oily skin, try to look for products that are catered to your specific skin type. You can choose from various cream eye shadow colors. You can opt for neutral tones if you want to keep your look simple, or you can also choose smoky colors that can add a bit of sexiness. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your make up.

In a nutshell, you can definitely use makeup even if you’re going swimming. Just remember to do a waterproof test first to see if your products stay intact. Also, it is always a must to remove all of your makeup before going to sleep. Your skin needs to breathe. Use your favorite eye makeup remover and then proceed with your night time skin care routine.


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