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Korean Make Up Tips

Korean make up is a trend that gets increasingly popular. With the rising popularity of Korean pop music, this type of make up is not only well known among Asians, it’s also starting to capture the hearts of everyone from around the world. There are key elements that differ korean make up from everyone else. Good skin and great eye make up are the main focus.

Korean Make Up Tips

Korean Actress Gu Hye Sun


When it comes to make up, Korean looks are more inclined on natural looking make up that accentuates your natural skin texture. As for more dramatic looks, the focus is more on the eyes. A heavy winged eyeliner and false eyelashes are usually the method of choice.











1. Flawless Skin

Asian women are very particular with skin care. Unlike most of us that do the normal cleanse-tone-moisturize routine, most of them pack on layers, and I mean numerous layers of skin products in order to maintain the skin’s natural elasticity and maintain its smoothness. Great skin provides a good canvass for make up. Most Asian women prefer to use BB cream instead of foundations because it contains more benefits such as sun protection, anti aging properties, etc.

Flawless Skin, Tips On Korean Make Up

A Flawless Skin Creates A Great Canvass For Make Up

2. Mesmerizing Eyes

Since there are a lot of Asians that have monolids, the make up is more focused on getting them to look wider and more open. You would be amazed at how make up can make your eyes appear huge. A thick, dark winged eyeliner and dramatic false eyelashes always do the trick. However, most Asians just love to embrace their eyes and just leave them bare. A little shimmer, a thin eyeliner and a coat of mascara will make your eyes pop beautifully.

Korean Eye Make Up, Korean Make Up, Korean make Up Tips

Fierce Eye Make Up

3. Flushed Cheeks

This kind of make up is all about contouring. If you want to get the illusion of higher cheekbones, dab a little bit of matte bronzer from your temples to the hollows of your cheeks. Blend this well and this technique will give you an illusion of fuller cheeks. For a more doll like appearance, a dab of rosy blush on the apples will do just that.

Korean Make Up

A Pretty Flush On The Cheeks

4. Doll Lips

One of the most popular korean make up trends is the gradient lips. This is done by applying a nude lipstick (or lighter colored lipstick) on the pucker. Then apply a rosier lip stain or reddish lipstick (or any color of your preference and skin tone) on the inner part of your lips. This gives the appearance of tiny, doll like lips. If you are not a fan of it, natural lips are always another option.

Gradient Lips, Gradient Make Up, Korean Make Up

Pretty Ombre Lips

As you can see, Korean make up has its own unique flavor. It gives off a much more innocent and cute look. It’s definitely something that you can try out.

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