Looks Can Be Deceiving – How To Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Make up has its wonderful way to deceive people especially if you know how to do it. It can make your eyebrows fuller, your nose more streamlined, your cheeks more rosy and it can even hide your imperfections. For people who are a bit on the heavier side, makeup can help make their faces appear slimmer. It’s very simple to do and I will show you how.


1. The 3E method
The 3E method defines your cheekbones and help give you a much slimmer look. All you have to do is to take a brush, dab it on a bronzer, tap off the excess product and start contouring on your temples, towards your cheeks and then down your jawline. You will be able to form a 3 or an E, depending on your perception. Start with minimal product on your brush, and then keep on building the product on your face until you are satisfied. Make sure to blend well. Another tip is to use matte bronzers. Bronzers that have a hint of shimmer won’t be able to give you that natural effect, and thus will make your makeup look unnatural.

2. Camouflage Your Double Chin
Another way to slim your face is to hide your double chin. A double chin can sometimes make you appear chubbier than you already are (I also have a double chin, it gets more prominent whenever I gain weight). Darker colors create an illusion of a slimmer face and so, taking your bronzer again, get a bit of the product on your brush, tap off the excess and apply it all over your jawline, from ear to ear. Blend it well in order to make it look more natural.

3. Slimmer looking nose
We have heard some people say that the camera adds ten pounds. Which means that you look heavier than you should in photos. If you’re unable to project yourself in a slimming angle, you will surely look like you have gained more pounds than you should, and that is also the case with noses. One thing that I notice when taking pictures is that my nose tends to look flat even though that isn’t the case in real life. I always tend to turn my face slightly on the side in order to avoid that problem. In this kind of situation, makeup can definitely come to the rescue. It creates the illusion of a more pointed nose. Using a smaller brush, create an imaginary outline from your inner eyebrow to your nose. Apply bronzer on the sides of your nose to make it slimmer. You can also reduce the size of the tip of your nose by adding a little bronzer on the nostrils. Make sure that you do this with a light hand and proper blending. You wouldn’t want to look like a version of Michael Jackson.

As you can see, makeup can definitely make your face look slimmer. You can surely achieve a flawless face in just a matter of minutes, or even seconds. 😉

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