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Make Up Essentials For Beginners

For people who are just starting with make up, getting familiar with different products can be a little daunting. For me, starting with only a few key pieces can make the difference. It is much better to start with only a few products rather than buying every make up product known to man and then be as lost as a kid in a department store.

It is always essential to start with only a few products. If you are a teenager, it’s not recommended to wear heavy make up since it will make you look super old. Embrace your youthful beauty and only enhance your key features.

Here is a video showing you all of the essentials that you should have in your make up bag:

STARTER MAKE UP KIT FOR BEGINNERS  (a video by Bubzbeauty)

How about you? Share with me your must have beauty essentials! Tweet me @ReenaBeautyDuty or post your list on our Facebook Page!

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