Make Up Tips For Fall and Winter

As the seasons change, so does our makeup products. Our skin reacts to the changing climates, and so do the products that we use. Make up products can react to different temperatures. So, before you start spending precious hours in putting your make up on, here are some useful make up tips for fall and winter that can save you all the hassle and frustration.


1. Opt For Silicone Based Foundations

These types of foundations work well during the colder months. This will help keep your make up in place.

2. Pack on Some Powder Makeup Foundation

If you want to make sure that your make up stays on even when there are sudden temperature changes, then it’s recommended that you dab on some powder makeup foundation. Freezing temperatures outside plus indoor central heating can also affect your makeup.

3. Avoid Liquid Foundations

Liquid foundations do not work well in cold temperatures. Try not to use these especially if you are going outdoors.

4. Don’t Pack On Too Much Red or Pink

Remember that our skin easily reacts to temperature changes, so if you go outside, you will most likely become naturally flushed and red. Try to minimize the use of your blushes so that you won’t look like a tomato head.

5. Avoid Using Creams that leave a Moisture Level Just Under Your Makeup

If you are planning to go outside, avoid using creams that take time to absorb. Instead, use moisturizers that not only give you enough hydration, it can also absorb into your skin very well. If you use heavy creams, chances are, you might get all the nasty creases and spots that can completely destroy your make up look.

6. Go Waterproof

Use waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and even lip liners. They will help keep your make up in place and it also prevents smudging. You wouldn’t want to have raccoon eyes in the middle of the day.

7. Don’t Use Loose Powder

Loose powder can make your skin look dry and cracked. Since the cold weather can make the skin super dry, it’s better to invest on moisturizers instead.

I hope that these tips were able to help you stay pretty and gorgeous during the fall and the winter. The colder months definitely bring a lot of parties and other special occasions that it would be such a shame if your make up becomes bad at the last minute. These tips can surely keep you looking at your utmost best! :)

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