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Make Up Wednesdays: My Make Up Story

I’m not a professional make up artist. I just love make up. :) haha… My love affair with it started back when I was younger. I used to watch my older cousins getting all dolled up for parties. I just love how they apply lipstick on without even looking at the mirror! As I grew older, I tried to do it on my own but I somehow ended up looking all weird. haha… I didn’t know how to put proper make up on and I had to resort to asking other people to do it for me.

And then everything changed when I started to watch Youtube videos, and since then I never looked back!


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Back when I didn’t have any knowledge about make up and skin care, I’d always felt that I was ugly. Nothing is going to ever look good on me because I look so tired and puffy and old. Thanks to all of those late nights spent studying for school, I always end up looking like a raccoon in the morning.

I had days when my friends would give me a make over and put make up on me. She would teach me super basic steps in putting a little bit of color on my face. I never knew that a compact powder, eyeliner and lipstick can make a big difference. It made me feel pretty. However, there are days when even this won’t even look good on me (I later realized that this was the cause of having a very poor skin care routine).

One day, I was randomly clicking on Youtube videos and I came across a really nice make up video and it was a lightbulb moment for me. I got sooo addicted that i watched more and more videos and learned a lot about products and make up techniques and even skin care routines! My face became better, and I now have the confidence to put my own make up. I feel really pretty and I always made it a point to make other girls feel pretty too.

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Nowadays, I can even have the confidence to go outside without putting any make up on! Yes, it’s really crazy but I really learned to love myself and embrace any imperfections that I have. I have developed a sense of confidence that I never thought existed. I still keep on watching beauty videos and i find inspiration from my favorite gurus who also went through difficult times but came out happier and stronger. Their stories give me hope and inspiration. I’m very thankful to these girls because I couldn’t be where I am right now!

I love make up and how it makes you look different with just a flick of eyeliner or a touch of rouge. However, don’t rely on it too much, You are beautiful just the way you are, You can look at make up as a great tool to enhance your features but you shouldn’t let it run your life.

What about you guys? What’s your make up story? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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