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Make Up Wednesdays: My Product Wishlist!

I’ve been feasting my eyes on some products for some time now and I badly want to get my hands on them! Ahhh! The pains of being in a really tight budget! hahaha… If there’s something good that I can get out of this dilemma, it will be the virtue of patience… haha.


1. Majolica Majorca Little Humming Book 1 and 2

Majolica Majorca is Shiseido’s baby sister. If you’re not familiar with Shiseido, it’s one of the most popular Asian luxury make up brands in the planet. Majolica Majorca  products are actually reasonably priced and they come in reaaaallly cute packaging. I swear, Asian products have such awesome packaging that will really attract all girly girls out there. I’ve been lusting over their new limited edition Little Humming book eye and lip palettes. It’s a little book that’s so cute that it can fit on the palm of your hand. This is perfect for travel, especially if you want a pop of color.

If you want to achieve a sensual, ethereal look for the evening, the Humming Book I palette is perfect for you. The one color that really caught my eye from the palette  is the Moonless night cream eye shadow. It’s a deep purple with golden shimmers. Ahhh… my eyes get misty just looking at it online.

Humming Book II is a palette that is great for summer. It’s gold tones will make your eyes pop!


beauty product

Humming Book 1 Palette (Image Source)

make up

Humming Book 2 Palette (Image Source)

2. The Face Shop’s CC Cream

I know for a fact that BB creams are here to stay, but there’s this wonder product called CC cream that is starting to get popular. I know what you’re thinking. First BB cream, and then CC cream, so what’s next? AA Cream? haha

Kidding aside, CC cream or Color Corrector creams are better versions of BB creams. They make your skin look brighter and it covers up imperfections really well. I wanted to get my hands on The Face Shop’s Face It CC cream. It’s packaging reminds me of Jung Saem Mool’s MULE make up products. It has this kind of packaging wherein you kinda press the button to get the product. I’ve heard of a lot of great reviews for Face Shop’s CC creams so I badly want to give this one a try!

make up product

The Face Shop’s CC Cream (Image Source)

3. Benefit Cha Cha Tint

No words can express how much I wanted this but I still couldn’t bring myself to because I just can’t justify the price. haha. I can always go for my reliable coral lipstick-nude lipstick combo whenever I’m going for the ombre lip effect. However, just looking at this precious baby just sucked me in. You can dab a bit of this on your cheeks for a really natural glow. It’s such a unique color that… oh gosh… I can’t. I.WANT.IT.NOW!!!

make up products

This baby is just screaming my name!!! (Image Source)


These are the products that are on my make up wishlist at the moment. What about yours? Share them with us in the comments section below!


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