Makeup Ideas For Halloween

It’s Halloween time again and most of us are definitely trying to come up with unique ideas for makeup and costume. Since there are a lot of looks to go for, here are some makeup ideas that can help steer you in the right direction. 😉


1. Shockingly Bright Hair

If you want to look totally different this Halloween, then changing your hair color is a great suggestion. You can get temporary hair dyes so that you can easily wash it off the next day. If this is not your thing, you can always opt for wigs. If you want to channel out Rihanna, red wigs are great. Blue wigs are a Katie Perry staple, so if you want to be as cool as the TGIF star, then wearing it will definitely make you look super cool. If you are a fan of Nicki Minaj, then a blonde wig with pink highlights are your best bet. Wearing this wig along with her signature makeup look will let people wondering if you are the real one.

2. Seductive Vampire

Certainly one of the most popular looks, the vampire look will definitely make you look oh-so hot this Halloween. If you are a big fan of Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight, then this will obviously be the best choice for you. For a sexy vampire look, try to keep your hair volumized with sexy, Victoria Secret curls. Wear a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone, skip the concealer (you want to look really ghastly) and go for the smokey eye. Contour your face so that your face would looks sunken and then apply burgundy red lips. Apply fake fangs and you’re all set.

3.  Rocker Chic

Channel out the inner rocker in you by wearing smokey eyes, thick eyeliner and the most rock obsessed outfit that you can find. Accessories always do the trick. Try watching rock concerts and find inspiration from there.

4. Lady Gaga

As we all know, Lady Gaga wears a lot of outrageous outfits ever. The key element in achieving this look are long feathery lashes. Lady Gaga is known for her big, dramatic lashes and googly eyes. Play up your eyes with make up and make them look bigger using eyeliner, mascara and some eye brightening makeup techniques. As for the costume, find one that can make you look so theatrical, you will definitely look like you were born this way.

Whatever makeup looks you want to go for, remember that less is always more. If you want to put emphasis on your eyes, tone down your lip color. If you want to play up your lips, tone down your eye makeup. Of course, these are just a few suggestions for Halloween. Try giving these looks a try and then choose which ones work best for you. :)

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