Ways To Apply Concealer

is a great product to use if you want to cover any blemishes or dark spots on your face. If you have dark circles, this will definitely be your best friend! However, if you are new to make up, there may be instances where you might have put more than what is needed. In order to avoid any embarrassing concealer booboos, here are different techniques that will give you a more natural, flawless finish.


1. Stippling Brush

The consistency of the product will vary depending on your preference. You start this method by applying a heavy amount of concealer under your eyes and extend this up to your temples (Don’t worry, this will be blended in a bit). Spray a little bit of water on a clean stippling brush and then blend the concealer in a circular motion. This method helps disperse the product all over the eye area and your cheeks, thereby giving you a smooth, flawless finish.

2. Damp Sponge

The reason why it is much better to use a damp sponge than a dry one is because it doesn’t absorb the product as much as a dry sponge would. Begin this method by applying a good amount of concealer under your eyes (you may choose to extend it all the way to the temples). With a damp sponge, press and pat it on your under eye area to blend accordingly. Use a stippling motion for a perfect application.

3. Use Your Fingers

If you don’t have any make up tools at hand, there is a good way for you to be able to blend your concealer flawlessly. Get a small amount of product at the inner corner of your eye and then using your finger, pat it gently towards the under eye circles. If you have applied the concealer all the way to the lash line, it is important to put some mascara on your lower lashes as well as some eyeliner in order to prevent your eyes from looking smaller.

4. Q-Tips

A great way to find out where your dark circles are located is to look straight at the mirror and then slightly bend your head down. Your circles will be very visible. With a c0ncealer, place it along the edge of the dark circle and then blend it with a damp Q-tip. This will give you a great, airbrushed effect.

Practice each of these steps at home and then choose a method that works best for you. Say goodbye to caked on face make up fiascos and say hello to a natural, flawless finish!



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