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Nail Art: Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Nail Designs Part I

You guys know how crazy I am when it comes to nail art! It got to a point where I would keep on changing designs at the drop of a hat. It’s no secret that I became so obsessed with it. Now that I have my love for Kpop added into the mix, I can’t help but search for different nail arts of my favorite girl groups. One of them happens to be Girls’ Generation or SNSD. I already wrote a post about them so right now, I’m just going to focus on their different nail designs.


The girls would usually go to a swanky salon to get their nails done. They would usually use gel nails on them because not only does it look more perfect, it also takes such a short time to dry. I know that not all of us are blessed with money to spend on a manicure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do cheaper alternatives! You can replicate their nail designs without having to bust your wallet! Here are some examples:

Taeyeon’s Casper Nails

SNSD Nail Art






This nail art is so perfect for Halloween and I can’t help but marvel at her nail art! They used a couple of fingers as accent nails and left the rest with these glittery bright red nails. You can get the same red nails as hers by looking for a bright red polish as your color base, then choose a red polish that contains chunky glitters in them. Paint it on your nail and allow it to dry. Once dry, apply a good coat of topcoat for that extra shine.

Jessica’s I Love You Nails

SNSD Nail Art










What’s not to love about pink? I love how they used it as the base color and then went with purple for the letters. You can create these letters by using a nail art brush or if you want to make things easier, you can paint the letters on a clear plastic sheet. Add a couple of coats on the letters to make them a little thicker and once dried, cover them with a good thick coat of clear polish. Allow them to dry for a couple of hours. Take a tweezer and then start peeling off the letters one by one. Stick one letter per nail and then once you’ve had them on, finish off the manicure with a coat of clear polish to seal in the design.

Sunny’s Accent Nails

SNSD Nail Art











The picture isn’t really that clear but you can see how Sunny is rocking the accent nails. An accent nail is just basically choosing one or two fingers and then paint a design or a contrasting color on them while painting the rest of the nails with the same base color. In this case, her middle fingernail is painted a darker color while the rest is painted in a silver, glittery base coat.

Have you ever seen SNSD’s nails before? If so, what are those nail designs that have caught your eye? Give us a comment below and check out for more related posts!

Image Source(s): Jessica is Gorjess, SNSD Ningin, Source from Blogspot (Big thanks to my friend from Australia who goes by the username Kgoleon who helped me with the pictures!)


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