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Review: Skin Food Gold Caviar Toner and Emulsion

Knowing how addicted I am with Asian beauty products, my friend gave me a couple of samples of Skin Food’s Gold Caviar Toner and Emulsion. They come in these really cute, tiny gift sets that I just literally squealed in delight. I tried ’em for a couple of weeks now and I LOVED it to bits!


Skin Food

The gift set contains a sample of Skin Food Gold Caviar Emulsion and Gold Caviar Toner (I’ve already used this set)












People often say this, “you are what you eat”. Skin food is a Korean brand that makes products that are derived from food ingredients. They have made such a mark in the industry that it has become one of the most sought after brands. I have always been a fan of their products because not only are they effective, they also come in these really cute packaging that I just cannot stop my self from ooohing and ahhing. haha.

Skin Food’s Gold Caviar skin care line has great anti aging properties that help in keeping your skin supple and youthful. Caviar contains ingredients that help in the renewal of skin cells and it also slows the aging process. In addition, gold is said to have antioxidants that fight off free radicals. Sounds very luxurious, doesn’t it? I mean, gold and caviar for the skin? Sounds a little extravagant but they definitely do wonders!


First Impression: The packaging is really nice for just a sample size. It’s a thick, clear liquid with some gold flecks.

Consistency: Reminds me of sugar syrup, but without the stickiness. The product absorbs into the skin fairly well.

Smell: It’s a powdery grandma-ish scent, but not overpowering. It fades away quickly (or I guess I just don’t seem to care about the smell).

Effect: A little goes a long way, I might say. I only use a tiny amount and then I’d pat it all over my face. I’d usually wait a couple of minutes for it to be absorbed. It’s not drying like most toners (I have normal-combination skin). A small bottle of this sample lasted for about a week.

Will I Use It Again? No doubt about it! It’s really amazing!

Full Size: 145 mL

Skin Food

A closer look


Skin Food

A thick liquid with gold flecks in it



First Impression: Looks just like a moisturizer.

Consistency: Definitely not greasy

Smell: Same powdery, grandma-ish scent that’s not overpowering.

Effect: I apply this product on my face after using the toner. I also use patting motions for it to be absorbed into the skin. My skin feels fresh and moisturized.

Will I Use It Again? Yes, yes and… YES!

Full Size: 145 mL

Skin Food

A closer look


Swatch of Skin Food Gold Caviar Emulsion

Looks and feels just like a regular moisturizer


I have to say, after a few weeks of using these samples, I have noticed a huge difference. My skin is smoother and much more supple. I also noticed that it’s much easier for me to apply my make up and I didn’t have any breakouts at all. If you have the same skin type like me (normal-combination skin), recommend that you try these babies out and get the full line.

Price points may vary depending on where you live. These products don’t come cheap, so you have to save up to get the full line.

How about you guys, have you tried using Skin Food? Tell us your favorite products through our Twitter or you can also comment on our Facebook Page. :)











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