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The Five Secrets To Prevent Your Skin From Drying

Exposing our skin to harsh elements can be a bad thing. It will make the skin dry and it becomes more prone to aging. Dryness of the skin is indeed caused by a lot of factors, but there are a lot of ways that you can do to keep it at bay.



Moisturize Right After Taking a Shower or Bath

This method is great because damp skin will help lock in moisture. After taking your usual shower or bath, pat your skin with a towel. While skin is still a little damp, apply a good amount of lotion and smooth it all over your body, taking special attention to your elbows and knees. Your skin will definitely feel so soft and baby smooth.

Use Lukewarm Water instead of Hot Water

Hot water can strip your skin’s protective barrier and so it will result to having dry skin. Hot water that is mixed with other chemicals can make a very drying combination. If this is done frequently, your skin will be as arid as the Sahara.

Avoid Harsh Soaps

There are some soaps that contain substances that can make the skin really dry. They may be able to get rid of unwanted dirt and grime, but it also strips off the skin’s protective barrier. Use a soap that not only cleanses your skin, it also contains moisturizing properties that will keep your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Pay Attention To Your Hands and Feet

Your hands and feet are the parts of your body that does a lot of work. Because of this, they are exposed to more harsh elements, which thereby causes them to get dry, itchy and flaky. A great at-home tip for you is to cover your footsies with some thick, rich moisturizer. After that, cover them in Saran Wrap and then wear thick socks. Leave them alone overnight. In the morning you will get super soft feet.

Exfoliate Your Skin Weekly

Getting rid of dead skin cells can definitely increase the benefits of your moisturizer. Exfoliation is effective on dry skin rather than on wet skin. Do this before turning on the water. Grab a scrub and rub it all over your body.

Having really good skin can make one feel oh-so-gorgeous. A well hydrated skin can definitely help in maintaining the skin’s integrity. These 5 secrets will surely help you in achieving the kind of skin that you have always wanted.


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