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Pretty Hairstyles For Round Shaped Faces

There are a wide variety of hairstyles that may enhance your facial features. People who are in the round shape category may notice that their face shape is circular, and that the length is equal to the width. In this article, I will show you different hairstyles that will be able to suit people who have round shapes.


Going Short

Having a short haircut definitely makes it easier to style and maintain. There are various cuts that can definitely go well for round shaped faces. The most essential part is to add layers on the top of the head with the use of layers or heightened bangs. The reason behind this is that this kind of hairstyle will be able to elongate the face shape.

Going Rapunzel

If short hair is not your thing, going the long hair rout definitely lengthens the round face shape. It is also important to avoidadding volume at the cheek area because it is the fullest part of your face. It will make your face appear wider and therefore make you look bigger. For a smoother style, try to make the hair narrow and then have it tapered at the ends for a more modern style.

Stay Away From:

1. Curls that are emphasized along the cheeks (If you want to create a slimmer face, this is not the right option for you).

2. Heavy bangs (they add weight to your face)

3. Bobs (this may be a recent trend but, for round shapes, this is not the style for you because it emphasizes your naturally emphasized cheeks)

Remember that these are just basic rules and examples of pretty hairstyles for round-shaped faces. These rules are made to be broken (or bended) if you are able to rock a certain hairstyle that might not normally work for your face shape. It’s okay to experiment with your look. If you find a go-to hairstyle that definitely works best for you, then go ahead. Confidence is key.

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