Channel Out the Awesome 80’s – How To Wear A Crop Top

Crop tops are one of the most popular trends this season. Nowadays cropped tops have evolved from the skintight tops that Britney Spears used to wear. It is now much more wearable and flattering to all body types. There are so many ways to wear this colorful trend, and here are some great suggestions.


Make it Chic

Pairing your crop top with your favorite jeans can be a simple and casual combination. However, you can take this trend to the next level by substituting your jeans with trousers and then throw in a gorgeous looking blazer. Add some chunky accessories for that added panache.

Pair it With High Waist Shorts

If you want to wear this piece of clothing without showing skin, putting on a pair of high waist shorts can add such a modern twist to an already classic trend. You can also add a nice cardigan over the entire outfit to make it look classy. Pair it with strappy flats or wedge heels. Your outfit will look so effortlessly gorgeous.

Don’t Overexpose the Skin

Try to avoid overexposing your skin with a cropped top. A short-shorts/skirt + cropped top ensemble will look raunchy when you wear it out on the streets. Unless you wear this combo on the beach, try to keep it low key and more covered up.

Show Off the Slimmest Part of Your Abdominal Area

Cropped tops are meant to reach above your waistline, but if you aren’t used to it, you can always choose the length of your cropped top. Another option is to wear a longer tank top and then layer a cropped top over it. It will give the outfit an edgier look.

All in all, cropped tops are great summer staples. There are endless ways for you to rock this trend. These suggestions can surely let you know the basics on how to wear a crop top.



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